Mike Herman – Artist Director

Mike’s involvement with improv started the same way all great (or cursed) stories start: with a conversation with a strange man at a party. Having never learned anything from anti-drug PSAs or any story about deals with the devil, Mike said, “Yes, I will meet you at that strange empty building where you will do crazy things to me,” and thus he was hooked. He the spent the next few years performing short-form improv with Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company.

Mike then had to make a choice, and chose to be a grown-up and left improv behind. It was the wrong choice. He returned to his old addiction and hasn’t been able to kick it since.


Andy Pawlak

Andy is proud to be a part of Improv Incognito. He’s on step two on the infinite improv ladder. Andy honed his stage presence at The Second City Training Center back in 2003. So as to not overdo it, he took the next 15 years off until the opportunity to improv again came to his Downers Grove neighborhood.

In addition to improv, Andy has also participated in community theatre shows such as Mamma Mia, Annie, Guys and Dolls, Romeo & Juliet 10 Years Later and Our Town. When not on stage, Andy is taking banjo lessons and volunteering at a local soup kitchen, marching band, and community swim team.




Brian Sebby

Brian is an IT professional by day and an improviser by night. He performs regularly with The Unwritten Works of William Shakespeare and his duo Squatchin’ at Westside Improv Studio in Wheaton, and is a volunteer with the Zoom-based InterCity Long Form Improv Jam.

Brian is excited to be performing in Incognito Mode Improv!


Chuck Salvatore

Chuck Salvatore, a Chicago resident, has studied at Acting Studio Chicago, Second City, iO and The Annoyance Theater. He has been performing improv throughout the city and burbs, has acted in stage production throughout the Chicagoland area, student films, short films, web series and murder mysteries.

He made his feature film debut in 2017’s “Landline,” playing one of Tom Arnold’s sons. Most recently he was seen in the Grove Players “The Curious Savage.” Don’t judge him if he is a little cranky, he is feeling the effects of the never-ending diet and exercise, not losing weight. He can next be seen in The Theater Lab’s production of “You Can’t Take It With You.” This is Chuck’s first show with Incognito Mode and he is excited to do a show after all the rehearsals through ice, snow and the last few weeks of the Bears season, you know the awful parts of winter.




Jackie Duleba

Jackie graduated the Comedy Writing and Improv programs at Second City. She also studied Improv and Sketch Comedy at the IO Theater in Chicago. Jackie was a writer for the sketch comedy show Occult Classics, a member of Don’t Forget The Cookies Improv, and a writer/performer in
Fred & The Gingers sketch comedy group.

During the past three years Jackie has been creating sketch comedy videos for The Elevator Showcase on The Trident Network, which she wrote, recorded, starred in and edited her videos. That madness is available on her Youtube Channel at http://www.jackieduleba.com.

Jackie doesn’t care if you are laughing with her or laughing at her, as long as you’re laughing. Crickets make her sad.


JoAnn Concialdi

JoAnn has been performing since childhood, appearing in theatre, TV and film. Favorite performances include: modern dance duet Primitive Lyric at NEIU; Ermengarde in Hello Dolly, Martha Cratchit in A Christmas Carol (Wagon Wheel Theatre); Agnes Jones in Most Happy Fella, Fairy in Iolanthe, (Light Opera Works); Female Student (Lead) in Blanket Hill (Greenview Arts Center); Miriam Kirby in You Can’t Take It With You, Dawson in A Butler Did It (Grove Players).
She studied contact-improv and dance/movement improvisation at Links Hall and with Chris Aiken at Columbia College in Chicago. She founded an all-female improv dance troupe, “No Testosterone…To Speak Of” and performed with them for a short time. Improvising with actual words (what?!) since 2019, she is delighted to be a member of Incognito Mode and to be able to play with this great group of extraordinary people.




Nat Garofalo

Nat is blessed to be a part of Incognito Mode Improv, and to be able to work with the talented actors in the troupe. He made his Improv debut at North Central College assisting to put on a weekly Improv show that was loved and well received by the North Central College students and staff alike. Nat was also a founding member of Incognito Mode’s previous iteration, Off the Cuff Improv.
He is currently serving the Board President of Grove Players, and as the Worshipful Master of Riverside Lodge 862 in Riverside IL. Nat would like to thank his family, friends, Brother Masons, and especially his girlfriend Bethany for their unending support!


Paul Micheli

Paul finished the Second City Improv program in 2019, where he finally learned it was okay to be a clown in the right setting. In September 2021, Paul joined the inaugural house cast of The Bit Theater in Aurora. During the pandemic, he has performed a series of solo sketches on “The Elevator Showcase” on The Trident Network and wrote satire pieces on Medium.

When Paul is not goofing around, you will most likely find him outside training for a triathlon, on his paddleboard, or hiking with his dog, Biscuit.




Susie Carroll

Susie began creating alternate realities onstage when she realized actual reality wasn’t that great and could use improvement.

She is a graduate of the Annoyance Theater improv program, is a member of One Group Mind at Comedy Clubhouse in Chicago, has been the member of various improv teams throughout Chicagoland and has also written and performed sketch shows at Second City and Westside Improv in Wheaton. She hopes that training and experience makes her an adequate addition to Incognito Mode, but if not, she’ll keep trying until she is.

She lives in Downers Grove with her husband, a dog, two cats, and two adult children who resist her ongoing efforts to smother them with unwanted affection.


Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez officially started doing improv in 2008 and managed a short-form troupe in rural Virginia for six years before moving to near Washington DC where he spent seven years in a musical improv troupe and a Spanish improv troupe. He loves being dramatic, physical, and musical on stage, playing in with other groups, and running workshops.

A geek by nature, he has a background in physics, languages, linguistics, education, comic books, Star Trek, and physical fitness, along with anything scientific. Ask him about those topics, or invite him to go rollerblading or do parkour, and he will immediately like you. His favorite My Little Pony is Rainbow Dash.

Raised in the Chicago suburbs, Tony’s spent most of his life living elsewhere – in Europe, Asia, across North America – and is now in the metaverse. He’s working on virtual reality and immersive applications to help people improve and entertain themselves.